How to link to your chosen location as a Start Location for Goggles!

You can now link to a specific start location in the Goggles flight simulator game. Some of you may find this a little bit 'techy' and longwinded but please bear with me.

1. Find your house.

a: Use the original GoogleMaps to find your house. (Please refer to Google's help if you have trouble).

2. Zoom in

zooming in on location

a: Make sure you are in 'Satellite' mode do that what you see is photographic.

b: Ensure you are zoomed into the maximum level available. Goggles wont accept zoomed out start locations, because they make the continuity look strange. If you live in Piddle Trenthide in Dorset or somewhere similar, you may not be able to fly there in Goggles, as Google maps aerial photography doesn't yet cover everywhere in the world.

c: Click on the 'Link to this page' button. (it's really annoying if you forget to do this bit)

d: Go to the Tools menu and select 'options'

3. Clear the cache.

Clear your cache

a: Click on the Privacy tab

b: Select the Cache sub window

c: Click 'Clear Cache Now'. this should remove all the files from websites that Firefox temporaily stores on your computer. Don't worry, it will not affect your web surfing at all : Firefox clears your cache every time you switch off your computer.

d: Click 'ok'

6: Reload the page

a: Click on the 'Go' menu of Firefox and select 'reload the page'. This can also be done by pressing the 'F5' key you should see the same page load in again.

7: Look in the Cache

Get an image from your cache

a: Type 'about:cache?device=disk' into the location bar of Firefox (where you would normally type a web address). This should display a list of files that you have recently looked at (as you have cleared your cache, this will only be the files of the page you're now on : including the images that mke up your current location)

b: Get an appropriate image. look for a link to an image that ends in a long string of p's and q's and make a note of this image code. The image code for the picture shown in the example above is 'tqsrsrsrsrrsqrqrtqtt' for instance. If you need a very precise starting location, be sure to click on the image link and check it's the right one! Goggles wont accept image codes that are shorter than 19 characters.

8: Thats almost it!

Now all you have to do is link to the Goggles page in a special manner that will send that start page to people clicking on the link. You need to add '?loc=<image code>' to the end of the link (without the quotes and replacing <image code> with the 'image code' you just found). so for the example above the link would be to , try it and see! (n.b. the location you have defined will be the default start location. if someone following one of your links uses the '- select location -' menu then your links location will be lost).

It's a bit complex, but for people owning regional blogs and websites it means you can link through to local landmarks and places on interest, or send round a link to your office that starts somewhere nearby!

Happy flying!